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What we address

The industry will need millions of new workers to fill critical roles. New digital solutions are required to engage, attract, and place the future green infrastructure workforce at scale.
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What we provide

Our Career Path Platform TM provides an end-to-end learner experience, driving personalized and engaging solutions that directly connect job seekers with employers. On our platform, we offer a variety of Talent Accelerator Programs, short-form pre-hire training programs, that deliver learners the skills they need to on ramp into the industry.
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Case study

While ‘future of energy’ jobs are one of the most talked about workforce opportunities today, truly understanding these jobs and careers is notoriously difficult for individuals.

In order to support economic mobility of all students, jobseekers, and workers, Julius partnered with Washington, D.C.’s Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) to deliver a D.C. Energy Efficiency & Green Buildings Career Map, a dynamic, highly-interactive career navigation tool tailored to the D.C. metropolitan area.

The Map is a cornerstone of DOEE’s commitment to creating career pathways into energy efficiency and high-performing buildings roles for D.C. residents. This initiative also aims to address the industry's diversity gap, where over 80% of energy efficiency professionals in D.C. are white, and only 28% are women.

Using Julius’ labor market intelligence data, the Green Building Performance Career Map provides a clear visual guide to the diverse career pathways available within the industry. It details each job’s requirements and outlines the educational and training resources available to individuals to achieve their professional goals.

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