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Labor Market Intelligence

What we address

Current labor market data is insufficient to answer our most important energy talent questions. Real-time solutions are needed to answer critical questions for building the energy workforce, such as:

  • What is the current demand for energy jobs in my region?
  • Do we have the requisite supply of talent locally to meet demand?  
  • What skills are needed to drive talent development and mobility?

Julius’ Labor Market Intelligence Solutions uses deep data and analytics to answer these questions, enabling much more precise labor market analysis and helping support individuals starting or growing their careers.

What we provide

Julius' Labor Market Intelligence’s proprietary data and analytics provides a range of insights to help identify labor needs, build better solutions, and engage critical stakeholders.  These include:

  • Real-time job demand analysis
  • Skills analytics utilizing our industry-specific skills taxonomies across hundreds of jobs
  • Forecasting to develop talent scenarios for a region

Case Study: Job Transferability for Oil & Natural Gas Workers

Julius partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop job and skills transferability models for oil and natural gas workers.  This identified skills transferability between 50 roles and the availability of next step opportunities into nearby energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs.

Case Study: Regional Workforce Readiness

Julius’ Regional Workforce Readiness Index identifies a state or city’s talent readiness for the energy transition. Utilizing over 40 unique data points - spanning education, demographics, talent mobility, and job awareness – we provide zip code level readiness analysis.  The Readiness Index provides an essential component to any talent strategy for energy offices, workforce agencies, and employers.

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