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Career skills training. Simple to launch. Proven results. Pathways TM by Julius
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Support your frontline talent’s growth and retention. Pathways TM delivers results.


of participants reported learning essential new career skills


of participants recommend Pathways TM


Best employee response of any program we’ve launched”
- Fortune 500 Company
“We saw that 56% of our team members who were involved in our programs were still employed a year later.”
“The feedback was so positive, we had to double our enrollment targets to accommodate the demand."
Pathways TM by Julius

High-Impact Career Skills Development

Engaging skills-training videos targeting the most needed competencies.



Online career navigation designed for your people.



1:1 coaching to drive employee engagement, support career pathing and skills building.

Why companies love Julius

"We want everyone in our restaurants to be engaged, and this is the first program that is doing that."
Program Lead
“It’s not a training program. It’s actually a professional and personal growth opportunity. It’s all about personal development and career growth.”
Company Sponsor
"Julius partnered with us to deliver a successful awareness strategy for the program so we could really drive engagement.  If employees don't know about an opportunity, they can't take the first step to participate."
Company Client
"All levels are loving the program.  Our front-line team members, our general managers, and our area managers are all signing up."
Program Lead

Why employees love Julius

“The ease of taking the courses was fantastic. Having everything broken down helped me better identify how to be more successful with coaching others and in my own life!
Assistant Manager
“The program helped my employees have better empathy so our customer service benefited!”
Shift Supervisor
“Learning to deal with anger in high pressure situations has really helped me. Also understanding different perspectives and being more empathetic has made me a better person.”
Team Member
“I learned how to become a better leader, boss and teammate. The program taught me a lot with how to deal with customers.”
General Manager

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